Loosen tense muscles with a massage from our talented local masseur, using pure essential oils tailored to meet your needs. Wonderful when combined with a soothing herbal infused bath afterwards in our outdoor bathtub.

Satori also offers Ayurvedic treatments and assessments to return body and mind to a state of harmony with each other. This ancient Indian practice was the first medical science in the world to highlight the importance of mind in maintaining perfect health – and is in keeping with our spirit at Satori.

Traditional treatments, using herbs and oils, take place here on a specially designed Ayurvedic massage bed amid the sounds of nature and gentle trickling of the ponds to help relax the body further.

Yoga and Meditation

Our elegant open-sided yoga pavilion sits at the top of the property with views across the jungle to the ocean beyond. This space was designed to give guests a place to get away from the main villa and enjoy some privacy and stunning views while finding inner balance.

It is an ideal place to read, relax and stretch – and we can arrange private or group yoga sessions with an excellent local yoga teacher. Or centre yourself with gentle meditation. The pavilion is one of a number of peaceful and beautiful spaces to do this around the grounds. Our local Buddhist monk will be happy to assist you if you would like.


Our crystal clear infinity pool overlooks the jungle edge and has plenty of room for swimming, with a 7ft deep end. Its shallow recessed area is ideal for small children to splash around in, although they must be supervised closely as there is no lifeguard.

If that’s all too energetic then just sit peacefully in the cool water shaded by tropical foliage and watch the colourful birds flitting from tree to tree above your head. You are free to use the pool at any time, with beach towels and an outdoor shower under the mango tree provided for use. At night small lights around the edge illuminate the water, making it perfect for a romantic pre-dinner swim.

Outside bathroom

A spacious outside bathroom is attached to the main villa’s third bedroom. Designed to give guests an elemental bathing experience, the rocky plant-clad walls of this huge, open-air room surround a deep titanium covered bathtub and sink.

Verdant greenery hangs from the walls over floors of river pebbles and granite stones and there is a shower facing an impressive slab of raw rock hewn from the local hills.

The bathroom is delightful to use during the day – brushing your teeth to the sounds of singing birds can’t be beaten. It is also totally secluded, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak at night under a canopy of stars with a glass of wine.