Anagi and Dimithi are the daughters of Satori’s owners

They send you their very personal invitations to experience this special place

An invitation from Anagi

If you are looking for a peaceful reawakening, a luscious hilltop view filled with ancient vegetation, the sound of birds singing and monkeys dancing to their joyful tune, the smell of fresh juicy fruits, the taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and the feeling of a sense of calmness and tranquillity in your mind and body, then come along to Satori Villa.

When my sister and I stepped through the gates our breaths were simply taken away with the humid breeze. The vivid, flamboyant flowers were like fireworks in the sky flashing their bright and unique colours. The swimming pool was a river of happiness which I would dive in and never get out of. With the pool of colourful fish swimming around the villa and the decorative stairways taking you around the lush green gardens, the villa was a home built to let my mind run free.

Satori Villa reflects what Sri Lanka is all about: peace, nature and culture. With our Yoga Shala overlooking the breath-taking forests, the sea reflecting the clear blue sky and tropical birds swooping by, you can be sure that your time spent here will truly give you a unique experience.

The food here is Sri Lanka on a plate. At Satori you get to have the taste of fresh fruits, aromatic curry, fragrant rice and addictive desserts.

Your experience here will be rich enough to help you reboot yourself so when you return home, you will be invigorated. Satori is a sanctuary for your soul, a reawakening for your mind, an adventure for your tastebuds, a recharge for your body and a beauty to your eyes.

We invite you to take your mind and body on an adventure at Satori Villa.

An invitation from Dimithi

As the birds chirp harmoniously and the monkeys play in the canopy, you sit calmly, floating above all worries, taking in the view.

When my sister and I first stepped through into Satori, its welcoming aurora lured us in.  We had so much space to explore and with a beach only 15 minutes away, we were hooked. We were free to dive into a clean pool that reminded me of the ocean, in depth and in happiness. A carnival of colours entranced us as we looked around at the flourishing plantation.

The villa uses cultural Sri Lankan aspects such as a display of traditional masks (Wesmunu) in the lounge.  The Dutch colonial architecture gives the villa a homey atmosphere making your stay even more pleasurable. Satori has many different rooms which enhance the different Sri Lankan handicrafts including Batik, Wewal/Pann (cane), Piththala (brass), Katayam (carving) and Raenda (lace).  Each room in the villa has a burst of life inside full of culture, colour and comfort.

At the top of our grounds there is a true place to relax and stretch your body and mind. With a beautiful view of the tree tops you can see the shiny sparkling sea with the ships standing out. The Yoga Shala invites you to experience the cool breeze and enjoy the trees which thrive with wildlife, including cheeky but hilarious monkeys.

Down in the restaurant filling dishes are cooked up. Not only are they a feast for the eyes but also a pleasure to taste.  Our staff are talented and caring people, helpfully addressing your every needs.

Whether you would like to experience a “Satori “moment or enjoy a relaxing holiday, Satori villa has a place for everyone, especially for kids. So, what are you waiting for?